School Bus Bed


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A School bus bed stylized as an American school bus. Made of solid pine wood by artisanal methods.

The school bus bed includes: mattress, steering wheel, large side mirror -1 piece, unbreakable hinged doors, inscriptions (rear alloy, front school bus), reflectors, upholstery, dummy flashers on the fenders.
Large side mirror, folding door with pull-up (soft close), Side handle, handrail, Internal handle on the console, Counter, Gear lever. Gas and brake pedal, Headlamps with a switch, Interior light with a switch, Red lights (instead of reflectors) 6 pieces with a switch, Orange marker lights 4 pieces with a switch, Indicator lights 2 pieces with a switch, Movable stop sign, Pull-out drawer with pull-up, Container for toys (engine seat) with a raised flap on gas telescopes.

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