Willys bed


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The Willys bed is styled after a real American car from the Second World War. When you buy a Willys bed, you get a comfortable bed to sleep on, but also an unusual, developing toy. A bed that is primarily used for sleeping, but is also great for getting your child used to sleeping on their own.

Willys bed includes: mattress, steering wheel, spare wheel, opening front hatch, fuel filler, searchlight, side handle.

Clocks, shovel, axe, crank, side mirror, radio, pump, canister, winch, upholstery of the sides inside, folding roof with fabric, trailer wooden or fabric closure (tarpaulin), lighting - leds in headlights, rear brake light 1 pc., rear brake light 2 pcs.

DIMENSIONS: Basic dimensions (+/- 2 cm): external: length 180 cm x width 90 cm x height 70 cm (plus glass frame 40 cm), internal / mattress dimensions: length 160 cm x width 70 cm. The cot can be longer, up to a maximum of 200 cm long and 110 cm wide, so that it does not lose its proportion, the mattress can also be wider. The cot can be enlarged to the maximum / desired size, but the price will increase by approx. 10% for each 10 cm enlargement (proportionally length and width).


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